Current Equipment

PLEASE, click on the links to the left to distinguish between Core or Olympus equipment!


Please Reserve Your Instrument!!! Ideally 24 or more hours in advance; if not in advance, then right after you fill in the paper sign-in sheet. Reservatons policty is online at


Data transfer:

Plan A: many JHU SOM computers can see our file server. This is the simplest way to transfer files for those with access. Do not give out the name or I.P. address of our server.

Plan B: your MyJH -> your Microsoft OneDrive: Nearly all our PC's can see "The Web" and so can see MyJH. Now (mid-2018) that every JHU staff member gets 5 Terabytes of Microsoft Onedrive "cloud" storage space, you can transfer from the acquisition PC or our server to your OneDrive account. Be sure to logout ("sign off") of your OneDrive session here when you are done -- you need to do this manually. You also need to log out of your MyJH session.

Plan C: You / your lab could 'expose' some "share folder" on your PC or server and transfer from our PC/server to your share. You should only do this with explicit permission of your P.I. and network administrator, since setting up your 'share' incorrectly could expose your PC/server to attack. 

NOT Permitted: USB drives are NOT permitted on our computers. We will dispose of them in the Biosafety trash ... which may be full of our host NIH P30 Center's specialty: infectious diarrhea agents.