MetaMorph Key 2 (#4646) (AxioImager Upright license)

July-August 2017: we are considering transitioning to keep this on one microscope/PC
Location: S972

July-August 2017: we are considering transitioning to keep this license to be kepy full time on the Zeiss AxioImager / Photometrics Coolsnap HQ2 / PTI RatioMaster acquisition system. Users could still do analysis on this PC. We are trying to work out how to best prioritize acquisition users of MM#4646 - for now, acquisition reserves should make online reservations for both this license (4647) and the Zeiss AxioImager.

July 21, 2017, analysis-only users should preferentially use the other MetaMorph license (#34135). If your preferred analysis PC 9i.e. your desktop PC) is not configured to run MM #34135, please contact George to get set up.

August 7, 2017, please contact George if you need this for analysis ... we shifting this license even more to "On AxioImager / Photometrics / PTI RatioMaster" upright microscope acquisition system.

April 23, 2018: We emphasize even more that we would like MM 4646 to be on the AxioImager upright microscope PC in S972 "as much as possible". Having it in a stable location is more important to us than user's borroiwng it and 'forgetting' to bring it back to the AxioImager PC. Yes, we realize few people currently acquire on the AxioImager.

We also take this poortunity to clearly state our reservation policy: (i) please reserve 24 hours or more in advance to facilitate planning, (ii) if you did not make a reservation, you need to reserve "at the system", to book the instrument or MM license key. If you fail to reserve the time block, anyone else who reserves gets priority because you did not. 

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