Oneline scheduling / reservations is now on iLab, see 


Below is out of date.

The scheduler is a handy online application to view and reserve time in our facility.  An individual must first receive training and then be entered into our database before they can have access.  Reservations can also be made in person.  Viewing of the facility's "calender of events" (equipment scheduler) is available online, 24/7.

Training on the confocal microscope, for example, includes two, 3 - hour comprehensive sessions.  After completion, users are given full access to the confocal as a trained user.  There is also an option for scientists to utilize a trained specialist on the confocal.  This is useful for visiting scientists who are short on time or for those in the initial planning stages of a long term project.  Again, these individuals would have to make their reservations in person.  In any event, we encourage you to stop by the laboratory and discuss your needs.  In most instances we can get you access to the necessary equipment within 1-2 days.  A list of scientific instrumentation available can be found on the respective webpage.

Please Reserve Your Instrument!!! Ideally 24 or more hours in advance; if not in advance, then right after you fill in the paper sign-in sheet. Reservatons policty is online at

   Some instruments have "priority access" policies because owned by one or more labs and managed by us. Examples:

ACCM Reservations now on JHU iLab Organizer (as of June 1, 2018)

* May 29, 2018 news: ACCM's Leica SP8 confocal microscope reservations  is on JHU iLab Organizer on June 1, 2018. The name of the instrument in iLab is:

ACCM Confocal Microscope

We urge all Leica SP8 users and PI's to create and test that you have active account(s) in iLab Organizer. You should also associate an IO number (account number) with each user. 

I (George) will likely need to give each user permission to access the SP8 itself. This will be simpler if each user is already in iLab. If I need to 'assign' an IO number to a session, I will generally pick the first IO# listed, or whichever refers to confocal microscopy. 

Please ignore the Leica SP8 calendar on this (Ross FIC) site - For 'web site reasons' a calendar exists but is not being used. Please use iLab "ACCM Confocal Microscope" instead.

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