Image Gallery at Ross Fluorescence Imaging Center @ Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

the featured image is Tiki_Goddess - Dr. McNamara's mascot at CHLA, UMiami, Cooper lab @ MDACC, and as of May 2017, Ross Fluorescence Imaging Center


Below: Tiki_Goddess (DeepDreamGenerator)

Tiki_Goddess (DeepDreamGenerator)


20180522 Tue Confocal Microscopy dominates (among U.K. survey respondents anyway):

BBSRC UK 201805  - Strategic review of bioimaging - 1805-bbsrc-strategic-review-of-bioimaging

(link from Jason Swedlow post, confocal listserv 20180521 Mon). 

Confocal dominance

Fun quiz question: do you know what every technique/acronym is?  (I know most of them ... I note some are subsets of others, for example PALM, STORM and STED are subsets of Super Resolution fluorescence microscopy' some are ambiguous: "Tomography" is the "T" at the end of several acronyms).


Olympus FV3000RS Confocal scanner IX83 microscope stand - arrived August 2018.


FISHscope ... ordered 1/2019 ... Olympus IX83 microscope stand, so looks a lot like FV3000RS, except without the scanhead and two HSD detector decks on back of scope above (our FV3000RS also has two external GaAs detectors on top the "top deck").


1/2019: upper is original SKY400 image and bottom is from the Pop Microscopy image gallery exhibit in Genoa, Italy. See  (SKY400 at 1:00 m:ss) or (SKY400 at 0:49).




MetaMorph Key 1 (#34135)

MetaMorph Key 1 is license #34135. Ross 9th floor users: If your preferred Windows PC does not have this license installed,...

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Volocity Imaging Software

We have one license of each of these three modules: Volocity Visualization Volocity Quantitation Volocity Restoration (CPU...

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MetaMorph Key 3 (#34334)

MetaMorph Key 3 is license #34334. Ross 9th floor users: If your preferred Windows PC does not have this license installed,...

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Olympus FV3000RS Confocal Microscope

Olympus FV3000RS Confocal Microscope ** Please note that image core management sometimes has to cancel/postpone user sessions...

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