zzzZeiss Axio Imager Upright Microscope, optionally PTI-RatioMaster ... also reserve MetaMorph #4646

Fast collection of ratio-metric imaging data and standard microscopy on an upright stand
Location: Ross S972 (please contact George in Ross S913 for access, training, use)

6/2019: the microscope is now Legacy status. The MetaMorph #4646 license can be used on the PC by prior arrangement with George (individual user logins).


7/2017: The Zeiss Axio Imager.M2 upright fluorescence microscope is in Ross S972 (S=service corridor) with Photometrics Coolsnap HQ2 high sensitivity monochrome CCD camera. Default configuration is the standard metal halide lamp (a variation on mercury arc lamp). PTI RatioMaster is available for fast wavelength switching (Fura-2, 340/380 excitation; BCECF 440/470 excitation).

This microscope is controled by MetaMorph Imaging System. We are considering transitioning (July-September 2017 period) from this specific MetaMorph license being "full time analysis off-line" to being dedicated to this imaging system, with priority for acquisition (we have another license for analysis use). This potential transition means acquisition users will need to reserve both this microscope AND MetaMorph license #4646. Thanks for your patience.

The PTI RatioMaster is available by 'special arranagement' with Dr. McNamara (it's illuminator needs to be swapped with the metal halide lamp - something we do not want users doing). The PTI RatioMaster features the high speed DeltaRAM monochromator. "RAM" = Random Access Monochromator", changes wavelengths in the range of 340-650 nm in 2 milliseconds (we have Fura-2 and BCECF filter sets, so effectively 340-470 nm excitation). We note that the illumination is a 'bullseye" covering about 50% of the field of view. This restricts the usable field of view (bad) AND enables you to just acquire a modest size region of interest, which enables you to imagefaster (good). The HQ2 CCD camera enables binnning (2x2, 4x4, 8x8 pixels --> 1 superpixel), enabling even higher sensitivity and speed.

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