Keyence BZ-X700 with Tokai Hit Incubator

Keyence BZ-X700
Location: Ross 9th floor

Keyence BZ-X700 with Tokai Hit Incubator.

20170808: Sato-San from Tokai Hit installed a new incubator lid (a user broke a cable of the previous lid). All users should use the Tokai Hit incubator inserts when using a microscope slide or 35 mm dish (holds 2 dishes, if using only one, put an empty dish on other opening to keep the humid air in the incubator volume, not into the Keyence body) or 50 or 60 mm dish holder (please contact George if you want to use the 100 mm dish holder that came with the Keyence BZ-X700 microscope).

* SBS plates

* microscope slide

* one or two 35 mm plastic dishes or imaging dishes the high NA objectives require use of imaging dish). *** if using one dish with humidified air, cover the other opening with a dish.

* 50 or 60 mm plastic or imaging dish (this holder can also accept a standard 75x25 mm microscope slide).

My special thanks to Sato-San of Tokai Hit for excellent support and training. 


Glass bottom dishes and SBS plates can be purchased from Mattek,

Most users should order "1.5" thickness coverglasses (specification refers to manufactururing in 160 to 190 um range); the "0.170" millimeter thickness = 170 um are higher precision. Several other vendors also offer imaging ishes and with a dentist circular saw and silicone cement (a.k.a. aquarium glue sealer), I used to make my own (and still have some 40x50 mm coverglass in 100 mm diameter petri dishes). 

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