Ross Imaging Center is the image core for the Hopkins Conte Digestive Diseases Basic and Translational Research Core Center (http://jhugicc.org) is an NIH/NIDDK funded, institutionally supported center that has as its mission, to make gastrointestinal studies at Hopkins as outstanding as possible, by encouraging helping develop interactions between Hopkins basic and translational investigators. P30 Center grant P.I. Prof. Mark Donowitz.

Ross Imaging Center = Core B: Imaging (http://jhugicc.org/cores/core-b-imaging)


Ross Fluorescence Imaging Center core is dedicated to providing state-of-art light microscopy technology to the members of the Hopkins Basic Research Digestive Disease Development Center and to the general Hopkins scientific community.

Image core director Prof. Bin Wu, manager George McNamara, PhD.


Covid-19 news Thursday July 29, 2021 (from today's JHMI email): (As of) Sept. 1, 2021 All Johns Hopkins Medicine personnel must be fully vaccinated* or receive an approved exception. Personnel should have received the first dose of the Moderna or Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine by mid-July, and should receive the second dose, or a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, by mid-August to meet this deadline. Please remember that this requirement applies to all school of medicine faculty members, residents, clinical fellows, postdoctoral research fellows, medical students, graduate students and staff members. ... GM note: same wrt vendors and other visitors to research spaces. 


Coronavirus news: Monday June 15, 2020 we re-opened as part of JHU-Research's covid-19 phase 1 re-opening. All users must read and follow our policies:  



June 22, 2020 Pricing information is at http://confocal.jhu.edu/facility-usage-fees

More news (and some tips) at http://confocal.jhu.edu/image-core-news


All reservations through iLab

ACCM Leica SP8 confocal microscope iLab

Ross Imaging Center iLab (information at top, links to instruments below)

More details at Current Equipment page.

Hopkins Equipment

. Leica SP8 confocal microscope

The Leica SP8 confocal microscope is on a Leica DMi8 inverted microscope stand (DMi8CEL).  * open access to JHU (and...

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MetaMorph Key 2 (#4646) (AxioImager Upright license)

July-August 2017: we are considering transitioning to keep this license to be kepy full time on the Zeiss AxioImager /...

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pc Computer Workstation #1

Please note: Volocity ... obsolete, no updates since 2011. Zeiss AIM ... for retired Zeiss LSM510META ... yes, we have the...

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. Olympus FV3000RS Confocal Microscope

Olympus FV3000RS Confocal Microscope Please acknowledge NIH shared instrumentation grant 1S10OD025244-01 (Prof. Brian...

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Zeiss Axio Observer.A1 Inverted Microscope (S972) Use iLab

Zeiss Axio Observer.A1 Inverted Microscope in Ross S972 has an Olympus DP80 RGB color + monochrome camera, capable of both RGB...

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Olympus Equipment

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