Image Gallery at Ross Fluorescence Imaging Center @ Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Before we get to the image gallery, below is the link to a cool video,

"White coats so bright" - aka "That's What We Like" -- Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Class of 2021 

the featured image is Tiki_Goddess - Dr. McNamara's mascot at CHLA, UMiami, Cooper lab @ MDACC, and as of May 2017, Ross Fluorescence Imaging Center


Below: Tiki_Goddess (DeepDreamGenerator)

Tiki_Goddess (DeepDreamGenerator)


Fluorescent protein biosensors table 20190531 version (at 50% zoom because of hosting web site quirk ... see my FP Biosensors 20190531 linkedin post for higher resolution)

See also:    (2015) ... my FP biosensors table from ~2017 (also in my CPHG Unit) based on Newman Zhang 2011, Frommer web.  ... Jin Zhang lab, Fluorescent Protein Biosensors Database (as far as I can tell, Wolf Frommer's web table is defunct). ... Talley Lambert's Fluorescent Proteins Database, including spectra viewer example below is Quinine excitation and fluorescence emission (shine a UV blacklight on Canada Dry, Schwepps -- or another brand -- tonic water, emulating Johnnny Herschel's 1845 report) and our FISHscope's Hamamatsu ORCA4.0LT sCMOS camera's quantum efficiency curve.

Especially nice is interactive chart ... I like Y = Brightness, X = emission, screen shot (so static) example below



20180522 Tue Confocal Microscopy dominates (among U.K. survey respondents anyway):

BBSRC UK 201805  - Strategic review of bioimaging - 1805-bbsrc-strategic-review-of-bioimaging

(link from Jason Swedlow post, confocal listserv 20180521 Mon). 

Confocal dominance

Fun quiz question: do you know what every technique/acronym is?  (I know most of them ... I note some are subsets of others, for example PALM, STORM and STED are subsets of Super Resolution fluorescence microscopy' some are ambiguous: "Tomography" is the "T" at the end of several acronyms).


Olympus FV3000RS Confocal scanner IX83 microscope stand - arrived August 2018.


FISHscope ... ordered 1/2019 ... Olympus IX83 microscope stand, so looks a lot like FV3000RS, except without the scanhead and two HSD detector decks on back of scope above (our FV3000RS also has two external GaAs detectors on top the "top deck").


1/2019: upper is original SKY400 image and bottom is from the Pop Microscopy image gallery exhibit in Genoa, Italy. See  (SKY400 at 1:00 m:ss) or (SKY400 at 0:49).



HeLa crab ... acquired by Prof. Jim Potter and a great grandson of Mrs. Lacks, on our Zeiss LSM510META confocal microscope (before we retired it) 

HeLa Crab (acquired Ross Fluorescence Imaging Center by Prof. Jim Potter)














see also



HeLa tetrad ... 4 grand-daughter cells in the field of view of 63x or 60x oil immersion objective lens.

HeLa tetrads



















May 2019 (3 week) Nikon A1RHD and X-Light confocal demonstration


Nikon Ti2 microscope with X-Light confocal attachment on right (before A1RHD was added to left port)


A1RHD electronics stack (coming or going?)


Esther, Andrew and Jesse shucking clams?


Esther, Andrew, Jesse

Esther, Andrew and Jesse packed up


Packed, waiting pickup.



May 24, 2019, 1730h

FISHscope arrival

John Gibas (Olympus rep, previously image core manager) prepping FISHscope.


q Andor Revolution X1 Spinning Disk confocal microscope -...

Andor Revolution X1 Spinning Disk confocal inverted microscope - Legacy instrument Calendar: we initiatied iLab calendars...

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zzzz Retired Perkin-Elmer EnVision Plate Reader

New users can contact George McNamara to coordinate training by PerkinElmer's Matt Reuter & Carl Apgar: George...

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zzzZeiss Axio Imager Upright Microscope, optionally...

6/2019: the microscope is now Legacy status. The MetaMorph #4646 license can be used on the PC by prior arrangement with George...

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Olympus FV1000MP Multiphoton Excitation Fluorescence...

Olympus FV1000MP Multiphoton Excitation Fluorescence Microscope (MPEF) ... also capable of SHG (ex. 840 nm --> 420 nm) ***...

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Li-Cor Odyssey CLx

Li-Cor Odyssey CLx fluorescence scanner. This instrument is hosted by Prof. Donowitz lab and use is intended for G.I. Center...

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