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Ross Fluorescence Imaging Core
Johns Hopkins University
School of Medicine
720 Rutland Avenue
918 Ross Research Bldg
Baltimore,  MD 21205-2195
Phone 410-614-0134

Prof. Olga Kovbasnjuk
(410) 502-2004

Associate Director
Prof. Brian O’Rourke
(410) 614-0034


George McNamara, PhD

Image Core Manager, Ross S913A

Ross Fluorescence Imaging Center

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

410-614-0134 office



Olympus Imaging Center equipment (Ross S910)

John Gibas


Keyence BZ-X700 with Tokai Hit Incubator

Keyence BZ-X700 with Tokai Hit Incubator. 20170808: Sato-San from Tokai Hit installed a new incubator lid (a user broke a cable...

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Volocity Imaging Software

We have one license of each of these three modules: Volocity Visualization Volocity Quantitation Volocity Restoration (CPU...

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Olympus VS-120 slide scanner

Please contact John Gibas, Olympus, , for access and estimated duration of the demonstration.

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Andor Revolution X1 Spinning Disk confocal inverted...

Andor Revolution X1 Spinning Disk confocal inverted microscope. * Andor 4 laser stack. * Olympus IX inverted microscope...

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MetaMorph Key 2 (#4646)

July-August 2017: we are considering transitioning to keep this license to be kepy full time on the Zeiss AxioImager /...

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