Zeiss Axio Observer.A1 Inverted Microscope (S972)

Inverted fluorescent microscope, Olympus color camera and Eppendorf micromanipulator
Location: S972

Zeiss Axio Observer.A1 Inverted Microscope in Ross S972 has an Olympus DP72 RGB color camera, capable of both RGB histology images and fluorescence. Phase contrast is available for several objective lenses.Suitable specimens include:

* microscope slides ... histology and/or fluorescence (DAPI, green, red, the microscope has a Cy5 filter set but the camera is intended for RGB visible light).

* multiwell plates.

* 35 mm or 60 mm plastic (modest resolution and fluorescence sensitivity) and glass bottom (i.e. Mattek.com P35 series imaging dishes).

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